I had a professor in college who was 15 minutes late to class, so we all signed our name on a sheet of paper, sent a kid to drop it off at his office, and left.

When the kid got there, he found our professor high out of his mind, moaning, and trapped under a humongous, fully-loaded bookshelf. He had been there for an hour.

So, the moral of this story is that Lit profs are awesome.

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I seriously wish I could dance.


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Top 5 Worst U.S. States for Women. Which states have been ranked the worst for women to live in? iVillage takes a look at the places where it’s hard to be a woman


5.  Kentucky

Things are blue for women in the Bluegrass State, where female poverty is at 18.5%, only 21% of women have college degrees and freedom of choice doesn’t exist for many. Health-insurance companies don’t cover abortions — unless it’s a procedure to save the mother’s life — and even if they did, an overwhelming 77% of women live in counties without a provider. Yet Kentucky still ranks only fifth on the list of worst states for women. In other words, it gets worse — not better — here on out.

4. West Virgina

After examining the data, iVillage found that West Virginia wasn’t the most ideal place for women to live. With a dismally low number of women holding degrees (just 17.8%) and the median income hovering around $29,651, women don’t have much of a chance at independence. Also, West Virginia has the dubious distinction of being the only state that doesn’t have laws to protect a woman’s right to breast-feed in either public or private.

3. Arkansas 

In the state that was once known as the Land of Opportunity, there aren’t many opportunities available for women. Women in Arkansas will find it nearly impossible to get an abortion, since only 3% of the state’s counties offer them. And it’s likely they won’t have the funds to travel, as the median income is only $29,148 a year, and 24% don’t have health insurance.

2. Oklahoma

 A woman’s right to choose is also compromised in Oklahoma. (Are you starting to recognize a pattern?) Women wanting to terminate a pregnancy in the Sooner State likely need to travel, as there are only six abortion doctors in the entire region. Once they’ve traveled, they’ll also have to wait a full 24 hours after their first visit to the doctor, where they will only be allowed to have a sonogram and hear details about the fetus. They’ll have to wait until the next day to have the procedure, which their health insurance won’t be covering. There’s also a sizable chance they won’t have health insurance anyway, as 1 in 4 women are without coverage. What’s more, the share of women in the Oklahoma legislature is a pitiful 12.8%, and there are no women in its Congress.

1. Mississippi

And, at last, we come to the worst of all U.S. states for women to live in. Perhaps the female citizenry of Mississippi already suspects this, since 22% of women are impoverished, they earn the lowest average wages in the country, with a median income of $28,879, and college-graduation rates are grim at only 21%. Also, while 68% of Mississippi women are overweight or obese, nearly a quarter of the state’s women have health insurance. With such a depressing state of affairs, is it really any wonder that Mississippi has never had a woman in Congress or as governor — and the state legislature is only 15% female?

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Oh look, my two homestates are in the top five.


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